Canadian Study Center Private Limited is the registered private company under the private company act of Nepal Government. We are located in Kathmandu, Nepal and have contact centers in Toronto, Winnipeg and Sudbury, Canada. Most of our team members have lived, worked, and studied in Canada and it has made us best consultancy for Canada. They are well-familiar with Canadian learning, working and living environment. If you have a dream to come to Canada to earn a diploma/degree, we are the expert to make your dream come true.

 Our Vision

  • Introduce more Options of Foreign Partner Institutions
  • Introduce more Options of Courses with practical attachment offered by various Foreign Institutions
  • Aim to associate with educational institutions of Nepal to serve their students for their foreign education need
  • Expand our reach across the nation
  • Implement new Methods of IMC Activities


Our Mission

  • Transparency has been Pillar of Success at Overseas. We aim to abide by the same for coming future
  • Maintain highest operational standards to guide students planning for study abroad.
  • Work effectively and ethically within the framework of Education and Immigrations systems of various countries.
  • Manage complete admission & visa process as effortless as possible with the help of our customized system
  • Strive to continuously improve to ensure 100% student satisfaction

Attention Please!

Would you like to talk with our students who are in Canada or have recently graduated from Canadian College or University? Please contact us at 4416257 to book an appointment.