Welcome To The 2th Canada Study Seminar At Canadian Study Center , Maitidevi



Coming March 28th  2019, visit the Canada College and Universities Admissions Workshop in Canadian Study Center Maitidevi  to study in Canada !!! Delegates from Cambrian College will take part in the seminar to satisfy the queries of students. Visit us with  copies of all your academic, English Test and/or work experience documents.


Benefits For Students

Are you a Student looking for a Global Career Opportunity with International exposure at Study and Work?


Why Study in Canada ?

  1. World class Universities
  2. Economical tuition fees
  3. Flexible Programs
  4. Industry oriented specialized courses
  5. Study and part-time work
  6. Post-study work permit up to 3 years
  7. Options to settle as a permanent resident
  8. Great value for money

Why attend to the seminar ?

  1. Choose from a range of institutes
  2. Speak directly to  some of the University and college delegates
  3. Save time with Fast track/ Spot admissions
  4. Discuss Co-op, Scholarships etc.
  5. Seek expert visa guidance
  6. Receive global career advice
  7. One to one Counseling
  8. Free  Entry for registered students

Attention Please!

Would you like to talk with our students who are in Canada or have recently graduated from Canadian College or University? Please contact us at 4416257 to book an appointment.