Documentation Guidelines 

 Have you met eligibility to study in Canadian Universities and Colleges ? You must start documentations process as you get LOA from institutions. Canadian Study center Maitidevi Kathmandu provide you best guidelines for making proper documentations to make decision at our favor. We have decade of experience in preparing documents . Therefore we will guide you best with our experience. Radiance International primarily deliver the following documents guidelines. 

Efficient and proper documentation is  key to obtain Canada  Study permit. Regardless of strong profile / Average Profile, if we could not  prepare or fulfill documents requirement, the result may be unpleasant. Therefore, Canadian study center has gained decade of experience in effective documentations. We will guide you best in the documentation process. 

a)  Complete Study Visa Documentations 

b) Dependent visa for all types Student, Work and Family 

c) Tourist Visa : USA, Denmark, Cyprus and More , as per requirement 

d) Group Visa for Conference, Tour, Summit in EU Nations and Other Developed Nations.

We look forward to help you ! 

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